Wednesday, November 29, 2023

How to Pick Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, choosing the right real estate agent is

crucial. But with so many agents vying for your business via online ads and yard

signs, how do you know which one to choose? The key is to be thorough. You can

use the old-fashioned method of asking friends and family for recommendations, or

try an agent matching service such as Clever Real Estate, which vets its network of

agents and matches you with the best fit. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices,

interview each one by asking incisive questions and listening intently, and by

checking out their track record.


Ask the agent to describe their experience in the local market and how they’d

approach your specific situation. For example, if you’re a first-time homebuyer,

inquire about their expertise working with buyers in similar circumstances and how

they would guide you through the process. You can also ask an agent what they

think of the current housing market and its impact on property values, and whether

they believe it’s a good time to buy or sell your home.


If you’re thinking of buying, ask the agent about their understanding of your financial

situation and what they would do to help you find a home within your price range.

For example, you might want to discuss how much of a down payment you can

afford, how long you plan on living in the area, and what neighborhood features are

most important to you. The agent should be able to answer these and other related

questions thoroughly.


A top agent should also be able to explain how they’d help you determine the

appropriate price for your home. They’ll take into account your home’s location,

condition, and amenities as well as comparable homes that have sold in your area

recently. They’ll also consider how quickly you need to close and any other unique


For sellers, a top agent will be able to walk you through their marketing strategy and

discuss how they’d promote your home to potential buyers. They’ll also talk about

their negotiating skills and how they would work with you to ensure the deal goes

through.Also read


You can also ask an agent what educational programs they’ve completed and

whether they have any specialized credentials for working with different types of

consumers, such as seniors and military members. These qualifications can be a

plus, but the most important thing is to find an agent who truly understands your

needs and has your best interest at heart.

Finally, if you’re thinking of using an agent who works as a dual agent, make sure

they’ll explain how that will affect the representation of your interests. You can

check for dual agents by contacting your state’s real estate commission, checking

sites such as Arello and Zillow, and examining their listings. If you’re a buyer, it’s

wise to look into whether the agent has any complaints with the Better Business


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