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How to Pick Real Estate Agents by Asking the Right Questions

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, the right real estate agent can make all

the difference in your transaction. The key is finding an agent who can meet your

specific needs while also being a good fit for you and your personality. And that’s

why it’s essential to interview multiple candidates before you select the one who will

represent you.

A trusted referral from a friend or family member is a great place to start your

search. But that doesn’t mean you should hire the first agent you interview. In fact,

choosing the right realtor is like hiring someone for a job — if you take your time,

you’ll find the best match for your situation.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask during the

interview process. These questions will give you a better sense of each candidate’s

skills and expertise. We’ve also included tips on how to conduct an effective

interview. Also read


The number of years an agent has been in business is a crucial piece of information

to have at your disposal. You want a seasoned professional with a solid track record

of success. But don’t be afraid to consider an agent who is relatively new, as long as

their credentials are impressive.

It’s also important to find out how much experience an agent has in the area where

you’re planning on buying or selling your home. If an agent has a lot of local

experience, they will likely have the know-how to negotiate the best price and terms

for you.


Another important question to ask is how many clients an agent represents at a

time. A reputable, full-time agent will typically be more willing to provide references

and other pertinent information. They will be able to explain their agency structure

and why they believe it’s in your best interest to work with them.


If you’re selling your home, it’s important to understand how an agent plans on

marketing your property to the appropriate audience. For example, you’ll want to

find out if an agent has a strategy for promoting your home to the most desirable

buyer groups, such as first-time buyers and military veterans.

A seller should also pay attention to how an agent sets the asking price for their

home. An unrealistic asking price will quickly turn off prospective buyers. A topnotch

agent will be able to explain why their pricing strategy is the most beneficial

for sellers.

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